So you want to build a Brand
When people think about you or your business what comes to their mind? Is it about the product/ service? Its performance? Packaging? Customer service/ experience? Brick and mortar interior design?. AndsM Africa Media - Jo Anne Saul
BEYOND TALK: Entrepreneurs in action
Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and a difficult journey. You’re running your own business and dealing with the fact that your financial security is directly tied to your company… where to and ho… AndsM – Andiswa Msi
Your LOGO is not your BRAND

Social media has made it much easier for small businesses to compete with very large corporations to help position brands in the mind of consumers. With “ brands” being one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing communications, you’d think more people and companies would have a clearer understanding of what the word means, surprisingly few do… AndsM Africa Media -Sibongile Thabede