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Are you in need of marketing intelligence and social research company? AndsM Africa Institute offers the full strategy and research cycle.

  • Face-to-face Interviews
  • Doorstep Interviews
  • Key-informant Interviews
  • In-Store Interview
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  • Face-to-face Interviews
  • Doorstep Interviews
  • Key-informant Interviews
  • In-Store Interview
  • Transcription
  • Questionnaire Development
  • Blitz
  • Questionnaire Pre-testing
  • Desktop Research
  • Observation
  • Report Writing
  • Panels
  • Perception studies
  • Impact assessment
  • Program evaluations
  • Opinion polls
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Short term research support
  • Research ideas
  • Research Methods
  • Sampling
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Report Writing

We run research proposal writing workshops designed for university students and researchers


Learning programs and life skills courses are tailor-made to suit your needs.

AndsM Africa Institute learning portfolio offers a variety of practical, hands-on learning and leadership development programs and activities, face-to-face workshops and comprehensive in-house leadership development programs as well as annual seminars to a wide range of individuals and organisations.

All our learning solutions are aligned to our clients’ need. All our workshops are supported with high quality materials, designed and written specifically for each and every client. Training and consulting interventions are customised and participatory.

Management Development courses including:
  • Diversity Management
  • Business Writing

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Customer Service Training
In-House training:
  • Tailored to your team at no extra cost.
  • Cost effective - great group pricing
    • You choose the day, duration, place and time.
  • Flexible length - sessions as short as 1-hour.
    • Greatest impact in the shortest time.
    • Great team building opportunity.
    • More convenient, people don't need to go off-site.
Of- Site training:
  • Full day courses are delivered with a strong focus on activities and participation.
On - Line Instructor led Training:
  • We give participants the great instructor-led training experience without having to travel to the training room. The participants chat and collaborate with their trainer and each other - just like any other class.
  • We still keep participant numbers small (we recommend 8-12 with a maximum of 16 people) for the best instructor led training experience.
  • We can run workshops or provide keynote speakers. Let us provide the highlight of your conference.

We also provide SETA Accredited Training Courses


Start your journey towards making a difference as a successful coach and creating a career doing what you love... Our: COACHING philosophy is grounded in Neuroscience- Based; Strength - Focuses; Process- Driven and Outcome- Based applications.


  • We offer top-calibre one-on-one executive coaches to those individuals and organizations seeking coaching
  • We consult to organizations wishing to invest in leadership development.
  • We consult to organizations wishing to experience a transformational culture shift.

AndsM Africa Institute Coaching Practice could do the following for YOU and your ORGANISATION. We offer the following coaching programmes:

  • Business;
  • Executive;
  • Transformational;
  • Personal Brand; and
  • Teen and Youth

Our Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more.


We offer executive coaching services for organizations, teams and individuals

  • High Performance Leadership (HPL)

      6 days + pre-program work (Develop persona leadership path, Boost your capacity to change and succeed, Develop your emotional intelligence, Look at your dialogue patterns)

  • Strategies for Leadership Women Program

      4 days +1 post- coaching session (Assertiveness, Self confidence, Visibility, Influencing others, Networking skills, Communicating vision & strategy, Managing career transition)


Do you want to elevate your brand?
Build your Brand and expand your Success.

Pursue your Passion.
Do stand out.

Our Brand Strategy will give you clarity around your gifts and a strategy to another level.


Teen and Youth Coaching goes beyond youth mentoring by helping Teens and Youth understand how best they can be in the teen and Youth years, be proactive, and exercise personal leadership.



Dive into the world of self-love & self acceptance. Be more responsible for your own success instead of being a victim to circumstances.

Decrease procrastination. Become clear in what you want out of your career, business, finances, relationships and lifestyle.

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We provide a range of marketing consulting services

Decrease procrastination. Become clear in what you want out of your career, business, finances, relationships and lifestyle.

SIGN UP NOW for our one on one coaching sessions or group clinic sessions.

  • Project Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Business Development

We also provide SETA Accredited Training Courses